We are a gowing family of three expecting our second tiny human May 2017! 

Currently we are living in NoVa saving up money to buy a school bus in the next few months to convert into our new home! That’s right! Our new home! We plan to convert a school or transit bus into a home for our tribe to travel around the United States in and find a place to call permanent home one day. We have decided that conventional living was not the life for us. Our short term plan is to convert the bus into our home, travel and do migrant work as we roadschool our tiny humans and teach them all we can about what Mother Earth had to offer us. Our long term goal is to settle down somewhere we can achieve mostly self sustaining living and somewhere we can really appreciate nature. 

Our earthside tiny human is a rambunctious one in a half year old little boy named Thane Kallin. He absolutely loves animals, coloring, running, and of course climbing almost anything he possibly can. He is currently talking up a storm and learning new words everyday. He is such a quick learner and looks exactly like his dad. His all time favorite things are bosomn nectar and dipping sauces. 

My finances name is Drake and he works his butt off for us. He currently works as Roadside Assistance in the NoVa area. He is super handy and picks things up so quickly. He is great at construction which is obviously a key for our bus conversion. He is really into longboarding, cycling and pretty much any outdoor activity. Honestly I have no idea where we would be if it weren’t for him, his amazing work ethic and loving soul.  

Then there is me. I am Margaret. I am a stay at home mama bear. I love every minute with my monk as wild and hectic as it can get, all the hard parts included. I am very into crystals, tarot cards, yoga, parenting, mediation and spreading love & light. I am currently carrying our second tiny human who is due in May. I am so thankful for our beautiful family. Becoming a mother has changed my views so much in life and has really opened not only my mind, but my soul to the universe and helped me to become more awake as a human being. 


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