Bus Conversion Dreams 

We have always been interested in tiny living. We had briefly looked into living in a rv before but didn’t think much of it at first. Instead we settled on the plan to buy a plot of land in Colorado and build a cord wood home there. We then found out we were expecting our first little one and things changed. We got an apartment and settled into this living for a bit. We then revisited the idea of rv living but first thought of getting a large ford transit for the three of us, then we found out about the new addition to the family and scrapped all our original plans and started to look more and more into skoolie conversion. After some careful thought and long talks we decided it was the right move for our family and we were going to do it. 

So pretty much that’s the short version on how we decided to achieve our dreams of school bus/roadliving! 


4 thoughts on “Bus Conversion Dreams 

  1. You’re going to love skoolie living! I bought my bus from public surplus in September and have renovated it enough to have moved on it Nov 6th. I look forward to reading about your adventure and thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

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      1. I am also keeping a tally of every dime spent on the renovation… I’m hoping to have a couple of hours this weekend to put the list together in a “this is how much I’ve spent so far” post 🙂


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